French wines vs Italian wines, who does really produce finer wines?

Welcome to the topic of today: French wines vs Italian wines. Italy and France produce about the same amount of wine each year, Italy just produces a bit more than France. French wines are more famous than Italian wines because both producers and marketers claim their wines are finer. But are they actually right as they proudly claim?

Renzi and Hollande talking about wines - French wines vs Italian wines

Now let’s give the floor to the experts to understund what they think.

Last time that this topic was at the center of media attention a diplomatic war was going to be born. When the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi made the comments on Italian wines saying these words: “Italian wine is better than the wine in France”. His statement attracted the attention of the French media, who became furious with his words.

After that there was a meeting between Matteo Renzi and François Hollande in which the Italian President said something similar to the France President, to which the French head of state replied “yes, but ours is more expensive”.

This is one of the keys to establish a possible winner. The Hollande’s sentence: “yes, but ours is more expensive”.
Meanwhile we have no doubt about quantity, infact in terms of global export Renzi is surely right: Italy did overtake France and has become the largest exporter of wine in recent years.

Woman drinking Primitivo

Quality and quantity. Which wine has the best ratio: French wines or Italian wines? Forbes Ranking!

Many of you would like to have a better view and finally understund which wine is the best in terms of quality.
We dedicated our time to find a reliable ranking written by experts and we found it on the Forbes website.

We can clearly see that in the list, among the top 10 best wines in the world, 3 of them are Italian and only 2 are French.

If you think quality is indeed reflected in price you are wrong. Generally a more expensive thing is better than the cheaper one, but not in this case. We will also talk about this but later in the article.

Infact from a market research we found the average price of white and red Italian wines: it is 3.58 euros. While the average price of white and red French wines is: 5.02 euros.

If we talk about quantity Italy produced 50.9 hectoliters last year, while France produced 47.9 hectoliters.

Falanghina by Dioscuri - Italian wines

Why French wine is known to be better than italian wine?

The only reason why it’s known French wine is better than Italian wine is because the French producers know how to do better marketing infact they attribute more value to their wines.

Meanwhile, Italian producers are so bad in marketing and give a miserable value to their wines; in terms of money this means that Italian producers sell their wine at lower prices. There is an high competition in their own nation and so they are producing more of it in terms of quantity, otherwise they would have no profit from their business.
But the average quality starting from the cheaper wines is awesome, much more better then the French one if you pay the same price for a bottle!

However wine testers and experts say wine simply can’t be measured by country. You cannot compare a group of wines as each time it’s a different story when you drink a particular wine.

They also think that French wine is not better than Italian wine in general. Italian wine is better and unique for its diversity, because in Italy you can find grape varieties that you can’t find anywhere else.

French producers are more focused into branding. While in contrast, Italian producers have a lot of unknown but excellent grape varieties, very few with any international recognition, but they are more focused to produce good quality wines in high quantities for less money. Though that is slowly changing.

Greco by Dioscuri - Italian wines

Our conclusions could lead to having a winner. In this battle we selected Italian wine

What we can deduce: In general Italian wine, especially red wine, is better than French wine because in Italy the land’s properties are very rich and the climate is one of the best and most favorable to the cultivation of grapes.

France certainly produces excellent wines. But a really true thing is that to get them you have to pay a lot.

Also in France the varieties of good wines are very few compared to Italian ones, in Italy every wine is good even the less expensive.

Here there are some of our best italian wines. The Dioscuri 1938 selection! All from Italian country and all from the south Italian wonderful vineyards. In the list we included both White and Red wines.

Primitivo by Dioscuri - Italian wines

White wines:

Falanghina, Campania, Dioscuri, Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

Fiano, Campania, Dioscuri,  Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

Greco, Campania, Dioscuri, Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

Red wines:

Barbera, Beneventano, Dioscuri, Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

Piedirosso, Campania, Dioscuri, Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

Primitivo, Campania, Dioscuri, Italy 2017, for 12% alcohol content. Price: € 6.99

We wish you the best day drinking your favourite wine, red or white, Italian or French.

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We also would like to know your conclusions and would like to know the reasons of your own preference. Even if we have a precise one.
Comments below and feel free to ask anything!

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